Postpaid Mobile Lines for Small Businesses

​We at Orange are committed to help our Pro customers grow their business. And because we know that work entails a lot of expenses, we are providing you with discounts on smart phones and on your monthly bill with our array of diverse Mobile Offers.

Stay connected with

Pro Orange 7
JD 7
Unlimited minutes*
10 GB
Pro Orange 9
JD 9
Unlimited minutes*
16 GB
Pro Orange 12
JD 12
Unlimited minutes*
20 GB
Pro Orange 15
JD 15
Unlimited minutes*
23 GB
Pro Orange 20
JD 20
Unlimited minutes*
30 GB
Pro Orange 30
JD 30
Unlimited minutes*
50 GB
Pro Orange 45
JD 45
Unlimited minutes*
35 GB
Pro Orange 60
JD 60
Unlimited minutes*
50 GB
Pro Orange 90
JD 90
Unlimited minutes*
100 GB

on site visits
We come to you
a dedicated team that will come to you at the comfort of your office.
Cost Control feature
On top of that, you can decide whether you would like to feel free on usage with an open bill or to control your bill with a cost control option.

For open bill, all your consumption will be included in the bill, whether inside or outside the bun​dle. And for cost control only inside bundle will be included in the bill but for outside bundle usage you can recharge Orange scratch cards.
No commitment mobile line
Always Connected
Always Connected
will never lose connection with the features of this offer. You can require additional minutes & data each month without paying in advance
Extra Free Services
Benefit from additional services to conduct your work activities with privacy and at ease
Extra Free Services
orange dedicated call center
Dedicated Call Center
We at Orange have a dedicated call center (1660) to serve all small business’ needs.