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My Work Line​ Fixed​

Have your unique company identity to maximize your reachability and productivity with new fixed bundles for small business and professionals:

* Fees Local & National Fixed to Mobile Int'l zones
pro Alo  1 11.99 unlimited 60 minutes 2 free zones
pro Alo 2 15.99 180 minutes 4 free zones
pro Alo Unlimited 19.99 unlimited 4 free zones

• Free caller id and call forward included in above packages
• Unlimited fixed to mobile calls capped to 1000 minutes , after consuming the capped ,minute price is 1.5 piaster

- when subscribing to any bundle in the table above you can benefit from second line discount if you subscribe to the two lines at the same time
- free setup fees for pro Alo Unlimited package, and discounted setup fees for pro Alo 1 &2 bundles of only 20 JD (for limited period)

*Prices above include monthly fixed line subscription fees (10.7) JOD

Also, depend on your business needs you can subscribe to basic fixed line and benefit from the discount on the second line if you subscribe to the two lines at the same time,

benefits first line second line
setup fees JD 60 Free
university fees Free Free
phone set discounted price Normal price
insurance fees JD 30 for Jordanians JD 100 for non-Jordanians Free
Voice packages Available Not available

- Monthly subscription fees for the first line is JD 10.7
- Monthly subscription fees for the second line is JD 5.35, if your 1st line canceled for any subscription, 2nd line fees will become 10.7 JD
- On the first and second line you can subscribe to
  1. International zone calling as in the table below for 1 JD for each zone.

the international Zones:

zone countries tarif (piastre/minute)
Arab World Palestine, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon and Yemen 10
Europe UK, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Turkey and Russia 15
Asia Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and China 7
North America: USA and Canada 7

*the Philippines tariff is included in the Asian Zone, with 9 piasters/minute

- all prices above exclude tax
- we at Orange are at your service and one of our specialists is always available to visit your location.
- you can pay your bill through orange.jo or through direct deduction from your bank account or credit card.
- you can now check the status of your order online by going to www.orange.jo and clicking "order status"

For more information, please call 1660 , or 4621660 from other networks , or visit one of our shops