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Pro Super 4G offers

Start the new 4G adventure on the internet for "Internet Everywhere"

Now you can live the new 4G adventure with Orange and enter a world of unimaginable speed and connectivity. All our Small and Medium Business customers can benefit from our 4G Internet Everywhere.

choose one of the below 4G Internet Everywhere bundles that best suits your needs:

Plan Monthly bundle (GB) Monthly subscription (JD) Advance payment Free devices (Package)* 1 year commitment 2 years commitment
Super Pro  4G 200GB* 200 35   3 months   4G Huawei Router
WIFI extender
1 month free 
(month no.13)
2 months free 
(month no.13 & 25)
Super Pro  4G 300GB* 300 50 2 months
  • 4G internet service monthly fees are subjected to 16​% tax , and 16% tax for devices price and termination fees..
  • Balance inquiry through *155# showing the amount included in the main balance.
  • No carryover of data bundle
  • Plans are conditional to a 1 year commitment
  • Tariff deduction priority will be from the monthly data bundle
  • Prices do not include taxes
  • Internet speed is relevant to coverage area
  • To subscribe, visit any of our shops or authorized selling points
Orange Wifi extender
4G Huawei Router
For more information call 1660 , or 4621660 from other networks , and one of our dedicated team will serve you at your premises or visit any of our Orange shops

Orange Jordan represents Kingdom’s most reputable provider of integrated communications services that offers a number of small business solutions that answer to professionals everyday needs. We pride ourselves in our rich array of internet offers, so if you wish to find out more information on our internet everywhere and our 3G Business Everywhere and 4G Business Everywhere offers, browse through our website or contact us today.