Work bundles

“I have a small business and I need a fast internet package that has decently priced internet and allows me to have Skype meetings.”

You are a strong small business owner that is looking to become successful off of your hard work; you need an internet bundle that’s as fast and reliable as you are. You now have the option of an internet bundle that gives unlimited downloads and phone calls.

Subscribe to your new work bundle that brings together the best ADSL and fixed line services with unlimited internet download & calls to help you grow your business and succeed in your venture.

Work Bundles:

Offer Fixed line offer Speed up to (MB/second) Monthly capacity (GB) Monthly subscription for 1 year commitment (JD) Monthly subscription for 1st 3 months with 2 year commitment  (JD) promotional offer** Monthly subscription with 2 year commitment (JD) for remaining period
Work 1 Pro fixed 1 2 Unlimited without cap* 27.19  25.19 25.19
Work 2 4 32.19 25.19 30.19
Work 3 Pro fixed 2 16 42.19 25.19 40.19 
Work 4 Pro fixed unlimited 40 52.19 40.19 50.19

* Fair usage policy applies only for misuse
** This offer is for a limited period


  • Free installation and free wireless modem
  • Content filtering service- global level: Orange defines the main websites categories to be blocked (upon request)
  • Cloud Pro service (Domain name, mail, web hosting and website design)
  • When the internet capacity is consumed, the speed is lowered for that month, and to increase it again, you have to subscribe to the extra GB service by contacting the call center (JD 1.5/GB/month)
  • You will be notified twice when your downloading consumption has reached 70% and 95% through messages appearing on your screen
  • Internet speeds depend on the area coverage​
  • All prices exclude tax​

The International Zones:

Zone Countries Tarif (piastre/minute)
Arab World Palestine, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon and Yemen 15
Europe UK, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Turkey and Russia 16
Asia Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and China 12
North America: USA and Canada 9

*The Philippines tariff is included in the Asian Zone, with 9 piasters/minute

For more information, please call 1660, or 4621660 from other networks, or visit one of our shops. ​​​​​