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Pro Plus Mobile offers


Offering new mobile offers for small companies and professionals that suites your calling, texting and surfing internet needs.

"Pro Plus" postpaid mobile offers are Simple, with several options of subscription that will match your needs. You can decide whether you would like to feel free on usage with an open bill or to control your bill with a cost control option.

For open bill , all your consumption will be included in the bill, whether inside or outside the bundle. And for cost control only inside bundle will be included in the bill but for outside bundle usage you can recharge Orange scratch cards.

You can have a voice only offer in a prepaid “ Pro Talk” offer, which provides you with monthly minutes to call Orange mobile network

Simpler telecom mobile solutions for you and your employees with Pro Plus offers :

Offer Name Pro Talk* Pro Plus 7 Pro Plus 12 Pro Plus 20 Pro Plus 30 Pro Plus 40
Offer Type Prepaid Postpaid**
Monthly Fees 3 7 12 20 30 40
Minutes to Orange mobile 3,000 5,000 7,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Minutes to Other local mobile networks - 200 400 700 1,000 1,500
Minutes to Fixed networks - 1,000
Monthly SMS - 1,000
Monthly Data bundles - 2GB 5GB 8GB 15GB 25GB

* "Pro Talk" is a prepaid line with embedded monthly minutes to Orange mobile only
** Postpaid offers can be either open bill or with a cost control option.

4G service

  • *Promotion is valid for limited period
  • At the end of the promotion period 4G service will be stopped. And to continue enjoying the 4G service you need to dial *440# and the below will be applied : 3JD/month will be charged for offers with "15JD" and less monthly fees, yet it will be free for the rest of the offers
  • Data consumption will be based on the terms and rates of the current offers
  • You need to have 4G supported device to enjoy 4G service
  • You can use 4G service in all covered locations with 4G network
  • You need to make sure that the network mode is set to "4G" on your device

Tariff after bundle :

services out-of-bundle tariffs (piaster/minute)
voice calls to Orange mobile and fixed 3
voice calls to other networks 3
local SMS 3
local data per MB 20

In addition to :

  • Attractive discounts on a wide range of mobile handsets available at our shops (Except for "Pro Talk")
  • A discount of 50 piasters per month if you have 2-5 lines and a discount of JD 1 per month if you have 6+ lines (Except for "Pro Talk" and "Pro Plus 7")
  • An automatic enrollment in the loyalty program

International calling bundle:

Ability to add “International Bolt On” service with JD 4 /month and call any destinations for 10 piasters, to subscribe call *188# , this service is available for Postpaid offers ( Open bill and cost control) ​​