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Convergent Offer

"I perform a wide range of services and business endeavors and I need an offer that allows me work without worrying about different bills."

You’re a business owner that goes for what you want without hesitation and you need an offer that doesn’t hold you back. With your comprehensive package you can throw caution to the win as you close deals and pay for only one bill.

Stay connected to the world with comprehensive communication solutions to meet your diverse business needs. This offer provides you with a fixed line, ADSL line, mobile lines, and Business Everywhere and cloud services all in one bill.
  • Exceptional service through one call center to answer all your inquiries and for technical assistance
  • Free devices and special discounts
  • To subscribe to this offer, you can choose and combine between any of the ADSL bundles, fixed, Pro Orange mobile offers and 4G Business Everywhere offers

Work bundles

Offer Fixed line offer Speed up to (MB/second) Monthly capacity (GB) Monthly subscription for 1 year commitment (JD) Monthly subscription for 1st 3 months with 2 year commitment  (JD) promotional offer** Monthly subscription with 2 year commitment (JD) for remaining period
Work 1 Pro fixed 1 2 50 26.9 24.9 24.9
Work 2 4 200 31.9 24.9 29.9
Work 3 Pro fixed 2 16 Unlimited* 41.9 24.9 39.9
Work 4 Pro fixed unlimited 40 51.9 39.9 49.9

* Fair usage policy applies ** Offer is valid for a limited time

  • Free installation and free wireless modem
  • Content filtering service- global level: Orange defines the main websites categories to be blocked (upon request)
  • Cloud Pro service (Domain name, mail, web hosting and website design)
  • When the internet capacity is consumed, the speed is lowered for that month, and to increase it again, you have to subscribe to the extra GB service by contacting the call center (JD 1.5/GB/month)
  • You will be notified twice when your downloading consumption has reached 70% and 95% through messages appearing on your screen
  • Internet speeds depend on the area coverage​
  • Pro fixed internet bundles are subject to sales tax (16​% on ADSL and 16% on Fixed line)​

The International Zones:

Zone Countries Tarif (piastre/minute)
Arab World Palestine, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon and Yemen 10
Europe UK, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Turkey and Russia 15
Asia Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and China 7
North America: USA and Canada 7

*The Philippines tariff is included in the Asian Zone, with 9 piasters/minute

Pro Orange mobile offers:

Orange is offering you simpler telecom mobile solutions. Different choices with best prices with Pro Orange offers :

Features Pro Orange 6 Pro Orange 8 Pro Orange 10 Pro Orange 12 Pro Orange 20 Pro Orange 30 Pro Orange 45 Pro Orange 60 Pro Orange 90
Monthly fees (JD) 6 8 10 12 20 30 45 60 90
Minutes to Orange Mobile Unlimited*
Minutes to other local networks 300 ​​Unlimited**
Data 3GB 4GB 5GB 7GB 10GB 20GB 35GB 50GB 70GB
SMS 300 Unlimited**​*
Intl min - - - - 10 30 45 60 90
Receiving calls while roaming - - - - 10 30 45 60 90
Facebook & Twitter - Free Browsing ( 2GB ) ****​
Carry over -
Loyalty points Tikram program -
​Discount of convergent after Tax ​1 ​1 ​1 ​1 ​5 ​5 ​10 ​10 ​10​

*Fair usage policy of 30,000 minutes applies
**Fair usage policy of 1,000 - 4,000 minutes applies
***Fair usage policy of 3,000 SMS applies
**** (maximum 2 GB)                          ​

  • Automatic subscription to Tikram rewards Loyalty program once you subscribe with Pro Orange 8 to Pro Orange 90 offers
  • Great discounts on a wide range of devices available in Orange showrooms depending on subscription and commitment period
  • Offers are available with cost control and open bill options
  • Receive roaming calls with special tariff of 10 piaster/minute
  • International calling and roaming services without insurance fees for cost control lines
  • Always on data. Once you finish your bundle you can browse unlimited internet at lower speeds (10 GB for maximum consumption)
  • You can recharge your bundle after it finishes (for monthly subscriptions-cost control)
  • Data carry over to the next month. You can benefit from a percentage of the remaining data of your bundle through *777#
  • Extra bundles are available: internet, international and local calls and SMS, roaming bundles for internet and calls

Out of bundle tariff:

Service Out of bundle tariff
Flat rate to all local operators 2 piaster/minute
Data MB 20 piaster/MB
SMS 3 piaster/SMS

Business Everywhere – bundles (Optional)

Plan Monthly bundle (GB) Monthly subscription (JD) Price of device with 1-year commitment(JD)*
Dongle Mifi
4G Business Everywhere - 40 GB 40 15 Free 10
4G Business Everywhere - 80 GB 80 20

* You can choose one of these devices with any of the 4G Business Everywhere offers mentioned above

  • Router + WiFi extender for preferential prices
  • Monthly bundle fees are subject to 16% sales tax
  • Upon consuming your monthly capacity, you will be able to recharge your balance using scratch cards. If you have recharged your balance electronically through Orange shops or by balance transfer, you will be charged (8 JD/GB)

Extra features for all offers:

  • With Tikram rewards Loyalty program, use your mobile line, internet and fixed to collect more points in your unified account and redeem them for discounts and products from Orange and our partners
  • We are glad to serve you at Orange at all times and our team of experts is always ready to visit you
  • You are a special priority to us, and that’s why we will serve all your needs and provide you with the best services through customer service customized for you at any time and in any place, so you can guarantee that your business will grow and improve faster
  • All of the contracts include 1 or 2 year commitments depending on your choice
  • You can pay your bills through www.orange.jo or by direct payment from your bank account or your credit card

Terms and Conditions apply on all offers

Orange Fixed, Orange Internet and Orange Mobile are legally separate companies under the Orange trademark.

For more information, please call 1660 or 4621660 from other networks or visit any of our shops.

Orange Jordan, Kingdom’s most reputable provider of integrated communications services, prides itself in a variety of small business solutions that answer to every professional's everyday needs. For more information on our convergent offers, My Business bundles from Orange and Pro Fiber Convergent offer, browse our website or contact us now.