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Pro Fiber Convergent offer​​

In order to continuously improve your business, you need solutions that will keep you connected in the best way. With Orange Pro Fiber, your work will flow uninterruptedly with the highest speeds, unlimited downloads and convergent mobile and internet offers, which will all be paid in one unified bill.

Offer Download speed (Mbps) Monthly download capacity (GB) Monthly subscription for 1 year commitment (JD) Monthly subscription for 2 year commitments (JD) Monthly subscription for the 1st 3 months* Monthly subscription for the remaining period*
Pro fiber 50 50 Unlimited** 69.9 59.9 39.9 49.9
Pro fiber 100 100 Unlimited** 89.9 79.9 59.9 69.9
Pro fiber 200 200 Unlimited** 109.9 99.9 79.9 89.9

The offer includes a fixed line with a special number
* Limited time promotional offer with a 2 year commitment
** Fair usage policy applies

Featur​es Pro Orange6 Pro Orange8 Pro Orange10 Pro Orange12 Pro Orange 20 Pro Orange 30 Pro Orange 45 Pro Orange 60 Pro Orange90
​subscription (JD)
6 8 10 12 30 30 45 60 90
On-net minutes Unlimited*
Off-net minutes 300 Unlimited**
Data (GB) 3 4 5 7 10 20 35 50 70
Local SMS 300                
International calls (minutes) - 10 30 45 60 90
Roaming incoming calls (minutes) - 10 30 45 60 90
Facebook and Twitter - Free browsing****
Data carry over -
Convergent offer discount after tax 1                

You can also benefit more by picking a mobile offer that suits you:
* Fair usage policy applies (30,000 minutes/month)
** Fair usage policy applies (1000-4000 minutes/month)
*** Fair usage policy applies (3000 SMS/month)
**** (With a maximum cap of 2 GB)

  • Orange Pro Fiber is currently available in Dabouq, Rahmaniya and Shmeisani, and we are working on launching it in other areas very soon
  • Installation fees are free for the promotional offer, instead of JD 50
  • Free WiFi modem
  • Free storage on Cloud Pro
  • Free content filtration
  • Monthly fees are issued in advance
  • With Tikram rewards program you can add all of your Orange subscriptions to one unified Tikram account, collect points by using your subscriptions and redeem them for discounts and special offers from Orange showrooms and partners.
  • At Orange, we aim to serve you at any time, that’s why our team of experts is always ready to visit you at your location
  • You have priority in receiving all the help you need through special customer service dedicated to you, at any time and place, to guarantee fast growth and expansion for your work
  • All contracts include 1 or 2 year commitments upon choice
  • Orange Pro Fiber bills will be sent through Orange email with a notification via SMS

-All above fees are subject to sales tax and special taxes
-Terms and conditions apply