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Pro Orange Fiber offers

Orange Internet services always stand out with their high speed and quality. Orange commits to providing the best and latest services to its subscribers to guarantee an unparalleled internet experience.

And as the leading Internet provider in Jordan, Orange is offering the "Pro Orange Fiber" service, through a specialized infrastructure of fiber optics which allows you to enjoy high speed internet (reaching up to 1 Gbps), as well as a variety of smart applications such as: VoIP, Internet surveillance systems, much more.

Pro Orange Fiber offers you:

  • Secure internet connection
  • Stable and fast internet connection
  • Unmatched experience while using the smart applications

Permanent offers:

Offer Download speed (Mbps) Monthly download capacity (GB) Monthly subscription for 1 year commitment (JD) Monthly subscription for 2 year commitments (JD) Monthly subscription for the 1st 3 months* Monthly subscription for the remaining period*
Pro fiber 50 50 Unlimited** 69.9 59.9 39.9 49.9
Pro fiber 100 100 Unlimited** 89.9 79.9 59.9 69.9
Pro fiber 200 200 Unlimited** 109.9 99.9 79.9 89.9

The offer includes a fixed line with a special number 
* Limited time promotional offer with a 2 year commitment 
** Fair usage policy applies 

Pro Orange Fiber promotional offers (with a 2-year commitment):

Offer Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Monthly download capacity Monthly fees – for the first 3 months (JD) Monthly fees – for the remaining period of the commitment (JD) Free Services
Pro Orange Fiber 50M
Free Fixed Line
50 50 Unlimited* 39.9 49.9 Cloud Pro
+ Content filtering level public service  
Pro Orange Fiber 100M
Free Fixed Line
100 100 Unlimited* 59.9 69.9
Pro Orange Fiber 200M
Free Fixed Line
200 100 Unlimited*   79.9 89.9 Cloud Pro
+ Content filtering level public service

*Fair usage policy applies

Business Rules:

  • Pro Orange Fiber service is currently available in Dabouq , Shmisani and Rahmaniya ​, and will soon be available in further locations
  • Free installation (promotional offer) instead of JD 50
  • Free wireless modem
  • You can subscribe to the extra GB service by calling the customer care (JD 1.5/GB/month)
  • Free Content Filtering service
  • Monthly bills are issued in advance
  • Your Pro Orange Fiber bills will be sent to your Orange email and a notification will be sent through SMS
  • 8% sales tax is added to the above prices

For more information, please call 1660 ,or 4621660 from other networks , or visit one of our shops
Orange Jordan is Kingdom’s most reputable provider of integrated communications services, and has managed to earn that title thanks to its variety of small business solutions. We offer a number of Internet Offers and internet services that suit every professional’s everyday needs. Check out our Pro Orange Fiber offers, Cloud Pro offers, Content Filtering Services and Upgrade Internet Speed solutions and choose the package that best suits your requirements.