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Orange Jordan International FLAG Connection Service (IFCS) whereby we provide a connection service to transport capacity of the international submarine cable of FLAG Telecom in Aqaba.

The service (IFCS) provides Licensees with a connection between either Licensee's DDF (Licensee's equipment collocated at Aqaba building) or Orange Jordan's DDF in Aqaba (If Licensee's equipments are not collocated at Aqaba building) and FLAG submarine cable at the Aqaba landing station via our SDH equipment.

The service (IFCS) cannot be provided stand-alone to Licensees, but should be linked to one of the following existing RIO services:

- Collocation in our premises other than Aqaba associated with our SDH Bandwidth service to the our site in Aqaba.
- Customer Sited Connection associated with our Transmission Link service and our SDH Bandwidth service.