Jeddah Amman Damascus Istanbul Network (JADI)

JADI (Jeddah-Amman-Damascus-Istanbul) is a ring protected cable connecting Jeddah and Istanbul passing through Amman and Damascus in a protected terrestrial route. JADI cable system is designed to carry huge capacities reaching 8Tbps from the region to Europe.

JADI system is operational since the end of 2010 carrying the parties traffic to the North (Istanbul) and South (Jeddah) on a protected ring configuration.


  • Ring protected terrestrial cable system
  • Provides a diverse and a shorter route to Europe
  • The system is run by four leading operators in the region: Saudi
  • Telecom Group, Orange Jordan, Syrian Telecom Establishment and the Turk Telekom Group
  • The system provides access to multiple submarine cables and border points through its members
  • The system is extended to major IP PoPs in Europe under a single point of contact enabling the customers to enjoy a true OneStop Shopping (OSS) experience