voice interconnect link service

Orange Jordan Voice Interconnect Link Service is defined as a service where we provide one or more links over which voice traffic between its Network and the Network of another Licensee flows. An Interconnect Link shall be terminated at one end on our network and at the other end on the network of the Licensee and may carry signaling information. our Voice Interconnect Link Service can be configured as either unidirectional or bidirectional.


our Voice Interconnect Link Service is delivered as Customer Sited Interconnect or Collocated. The boundary between Orange Jordan and the Licensee's Network shall be the Digital Distribution Frame (DDF) of the CSI equipment sited by Orange Jordan at the Licensees' site, or, in the case of Collocation, at a designated DDF at our Interconnect Node.


Customer Sited Interconnect Diagram


 Collocated Interconnect Diagram